When we shot for Gullak season one, we didnt even know if it will

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Gullak Season 3 Casting News

We didn't know if Gullak would ever become a reality show when we began filming the first season‚ and we didn't even know if we'd get a second one. The team of Nikhil Vijay‚ Amrit Raj Gupta‚ Rohitash Gaud‚ and Anupam Kher are working on Season 3 and they have some exciting new casting news!

Nikhil Vijay

The actors of Gullak were not sure if the show would be successful. The actors had no idea that it would become a hit until the second season was shot. And now the show has a huge fan base and a host of awards. But still‚ they were worried about the first season. That's when they started scouting for possible locations. The idea for Gullak came from author Nikhil Vijay‚ who lived with the actors during the shoots. The first season was directed by Amrit Raj Gupta. The cast shot the entire series in fourteen to fifteen days. It felt like creating a play. While working on the scripts‚ we didn't even know if Gullak season one would be made. The cast of Gullak have a very busy schedule‚ so they must balance their lives with work. Luckily‚ the showrunners keep the quality high while balancing their personal lives. The writers have kept the show's storyline interesting for each season. The actors have an unrelenting work ethic‚ which makes Gullak so special. The actors are committed and the show is an important part of their lives. The character of Shanti Mishra has changed throughout the seasons. She used to be the unofficial pillar of the family but that's changed now. In season two‚ she takes a stand for her family. Thankfully‚ Shanti Mishra and her husband were able to work out a solution that worked for everyone. That makes the characters in Gullak so interesting to watch.

Amrit Raj Gupta

It was a complete hilarity to see the first season of Gullak. The show has a storyline that takes the audience to the Mishra family house‚ where the characters live in an apartment with their parents. The cast includes Jameel Khan‚ Geetanjali Kulkarni‚ Vaibhav Raj Gupta‚ and Harsh Mayar. The show is directed by Palash Vaswani. Gullak is an acclaimed show by TVF‚ which has already produced excellent dramas such as Kota Factory‚ Cubicles‚ and Flames. The team has continued the series with Gullak‚ a period drama with a central family. The show is directed by Palash Vaswani‚ and the story is written by Nikhil Vijay and Durgesh Singh. It's shot in an enchanting‚ small town with a simple art direction. Initially‚ Season 1 has a family feel‚ while Season two has more emotional scenes that are heartwarming and apprehensive. Gullak has become a highly popular show‚ with the 3rd season of the show being released in April. The show is now available to stream on YouTube and other OTT platforms‚ and the actors didn't even know if the show would ever find a platform. However‚ the series has won several awards and gained a loyal following on OTT platforms.

Rohitash Gaud

The making process of Gullak is democratic and open‚ according to the show's director Jameel Khan. As the first season of the popular web series reaches its conclusion‚ the team is looking forward to the next season. The cast and crew have worked hard to create a show that can speak to the nation. They spent 14 to 15 days shooting the first season. We weren't sure what to expect in season two‚ but the trailer gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect from the upcoming season. The character of Shanti Mishra has grown over the series and will no longer be a simple housewife. She has become a strong pillar in the family‚ but didn't get the respect she deserved in season one. But in season two‚ she takes a stand and fights for her family. The cast is flawless and the writing of the episodes is simple and effective. The actors and actresses are brilliant‚ as they portray the characters in a way that is relatable and entertaining. And the writers‚ who are Zoya Akhtar‚ Nitya Mehra and Prashant Nair‚ do a superb job. The show also stars Deepti Naval‚ Rasika Duggal‚ and Neena Gupta. When we shot for Gullak season one‚ we had no idea if it would get made. We didn't even know if the show would be a hit or not‚ but it was a success. We're so happy that it is finally making its way onto SonyLIV. It's a great show‚ and we look forward to the next season. Intimacy is a big part of the show‚ so Gai made sure it was shot with a different approach. Intimacy scenes require more careful attention‚ and the director wanted to create an intimate atmosphere where the actors would feel safe. As such‚ she roped in Ukranian intimacy director Dar Gai. The intimacy department also incorporated a team of intimacy coaches to ensure that the actors were safe and comfortable while performing.