White Sox land Pollock in deal for Kimbrel

Friday, April 1, 2022
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The Dodgers are looking to add a veteran outfielder‚ and they've landed AJ Pollock in a trade for pitcher Craig Kimbrel from the Cubs. Last July‚ the Dodgers acquired Kimbrel from the Cubs for Nick Madrigal and Cody Heuer. The new additions are expected to help the Red Sox compete in the division. While the trade was widely expected to bring in another starting-caliber outfielder‚ the White Sox did end up getting one at the deadline. A.J. Pollock was a starter last year for the Chicago Cubs‚ but he struggled in his set-up role behind Liam Hendriks. In fact‚ Kimbrel had been rumored to be traded before the season even began. The Dodgers finally took advantage of Kimbrel's age and offered him to the Sox in exchange for the outfielder. The White Sox also signed AJ POLLOCK in a trade for Craig Kimbrel. AJ has played for the White Sox for four seasons‚ and he had a strong 2021 season with the team. The catcher's contract was worth $7.45 million this offseason. After the trade‚ the Sox agreed to terms on a one-year‚ $7.45 million contract with Lucas Giolito. This was Giolito's fifth major league season and was part of the Cubs' combined no-hitter against the Dodgers. In addition to Kimbrel‚ the White Sox also added AJ Pollock. The right-hander was a Gold Glove Award winner‚ but struggled early in the postseason. In addition to Kimbrel‚ the Whites also acquired righthander Lucas Giolito. The latter is an important part of their rotation‚ and his one-year deal will save the team from salary arbitration. The White Sox also added AJ Pollock in the trade for Kimbrel. AJ is a good fit for the team. He is a solid backup in the bullpen. The catcher will make a difference in the rotation. A.J. Pollock is the second baseman on the roster. He has a long career with a high wRC+ and has pitched well for Chicago. The White Sox are also adding outfielder A.J. Pollock to the deal for Kimbrel. While Kimbrel has been the main attraction for the White Sox‚ the catcher will be a great fit for the team as well. A.J. Pollock's injury history has made him a valuable commodity for the team‚ and he will help the team in the long run. AJ Pollock is one of the best-known pitchers in baseball and will be an asset for the White Sox in 2022. He has a slash line of.281/.338. He also has a 136 wRC+ in 2021. This move is an excellent signing for both sides.

white sox land pollock in deal for kimbrel
Image source : thestarco

He can play the field in the middle. The RF position was a huge concern for the White Sox‚ and he would make a great replacement for Kenley Jansen. The White Sox finally got a starting-caliber outfielder in the deal for Kimbrel. A.J. Pollock will help the team's outfield with his proven ability in the outfield. He will help the White Sox get better at RF and the DH positions. A.J. Pollock's contract is worth $7.45 million per year‚ which is the maximum he will make in two years. While Pollock is due to earn $10 million this year‚ Kimbrel is scheduled to make $16 million in 2018. While the White Sox are in the process of completing the trade‚ Kimbrel's contract is still up for renewal. He is the White Sox' closer‚ while Pollock will help the outfield in a big way. It is a win-win situation for both sides. The White Sox made a great trade in trading Kimbrel for A.J. Pollock. Both are solid players‚ but Kimbrel's struggles as a set-up pitcher have hurt his production and the White Sox's bullpen. In addition‚ the Dodgers traded Pollock to the White Sox‚ so the new trade is not a bad fit for either side.