Whitney Heard Henriquez Amber Heards sister testifies she saw

Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Whitney Heard Henriquez vs Johnny Depp

The allegations against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been a source of intense speculation. In an article in People magazine‚ Heard's sister testifies that she saw Depp allegedly hit Heard in the head with a book. Heard's chauffeur says it was a 'prank‚' but the actress' sister tells the court that she witnessed the attack. In the same article‚ Heard's hair is pulled back to show the abrasion on her scalp.

Henriquez's sister testifies she saw Depp hit Heard

Heard‚ 31‚ had a long-standing relationship with actor Johnny Depp when the incident occurred in December of last year. In addition to bruises and cuts‚ Heard also suffered scratches and marks on her face and back. Heard and her friends testified that she grew increasingly withdrawn from Depp‚ who was often drunk and abusive. In spite of the injuries‚ Heard maintains that Depp was the perpetrator of the abuse. Although Henriquez's testimony was unremarkable‚ her sister‚ Amber Heard‚ testified that she saw Depp strike Heard with a phone. Pennington‚ a former friend of Heard‚ said she never witnessed the incident directly‚ but she saw bruises and cuts on Heard. She also testified that she photographed the bruises and cuts on Heard after the fight. She said that Heard did not use any makeup or disguise herself as injured. Henriquez also testified that Depp became increasingly controlling of her. She says she was forced to use easy passwords on her phone and made fun of her appearance. She also said that Depp was also making jokes about her clothes and he turned her into his stylist. She says that the relationship began to fall apart after Depp began to push her out of her circle of friends.

Henriquez's chauffeur claims it was a 'prank'

Depp's lawyer has said he is convinced that Henriquez's friends were looking for evidence of injuries to create a story. This is the first time a video of the incident has come to light. Henriquez has pleaded with her sister not to marry Depp‚ and said she tried to avoid getting involved in the affair‚ but her sister stepped in. Amber Heard was married to Johnny Depp when the incident took place. Amber found text messages from another woman on Johnny Depp's phone. The actress claims it was a prank‚ but her chauffeur claims it was not. Heard was a victim of physical abuse‚ and a long-term relationship with her husband ended. Heard's husband‚ Depp‚ is not in the habit of letting his wife do anything to hurt her. Depp's lawyer has presented video footage of Heard's violent behavior to the court. His lawyer has also presented video evidence of the attack. Meanwhile‚ Amber Heard's sister‚ Whitney Henriquez‚ has claimed that her brother was a 'prankster.' However‚ her sister denies this claim. Her sister says she was not frightened by Amber Heard and has called the allegations 'fake.'

Heard's makeup artist hides bruises with makeup

Amber Heard's makeup artist revealed she covered up bruises with makeup after she revealed that Johnny Depp had physically abused her. She explained that she used heavier concealer and a peach undertone to cover up the bruises that had appeared on her face. The bruises did not show up on the red carpet‚ but her makeup artist did. Her secret? Using a color correction wheel.

Heard's hair pulled back to show abrasion on scalp

During a libel trial‚ Amber Heard reveals that the actor abused her‚ leaving her with abrasions and puss-filled wounds. She is testifying in Depp's libel case. Eleanor Laws QC questioned the actress about her abuse in the relationship. The actress said the incident was one of the worst nights of their relationship. According to the affidavit‚ Heard's hair is a bit redder than the rest of her skin. The hair is usually white‚ but her legal team says the color of her hair matches the abrasion on her scalp. The actress also claims that a former doorman who worked for Depp in L.A. did not notice Heard's abrasions when he left her apartment. Heard's lawyer presented photos of Heard's hair and scalp after the incident. The actress testified that she believed Depp was trying to kill her. Her lawyers have questioned her reliability as a witness‚ presenting her with photos of her hair on the floor. She said the photos were taken two weeks after the alleged assault. After the fight‚ Heard did a photo shoot in the Bahamas‚ but she claims she was injured two weeks later.

Heard's cut lip covered with makeup

One of the disputed incidents in the Whitney Heard Henriquez vs. Johnny Depp trial is the incident where Heard cut her lip‚ claiming it was caused by a fight she had with Depp in December 2015. The jury has seen photos of the injuries‚ as well as the actress' appearance on a late night talk show the next day. Inglessis‚ a makeup artist who worked on Heard's makeup‚ said she applied heavier concealer to cover bruises‚ and used red lipstick to conceal the wound on her lip. The actress also testified about a March 2015 incident in which Depp attacked Heard. She was standing at the top of a stairway when Depp's sister and her began screaming obscenities at the actress. The actress said she had to cover up the cut lip with makeup to avoid being noticed‚ but the witnesses were shocked by the details. Depp was arrested for assault‚ and Heard was charged with domestic battery. The video deposition included another witness who testified in the case: actress Raquel Pennington. Pennington recalled seeing Heard's face after the fight with Depp in December 2015. She described seeing Heard with a swollen nose‚ a cut lip‚ and two black eyes‚ in pictures that were shown to the jury. Pennington also described seeing strands of hair from Heard's scalp.

Heard's bruises covered with makeup

Amber Heard's attorney explained in court documents that she had used a brand of cosmetics called Milani Cosmetics to cover up her bruises. This product contains a wheel of colors that match the tone of her skin. Heard said she was wearing the product on the day of the divorce proceedings‚ when her bruises were still visible. The makeup company responded with a TikTok video debunking Bredehoft's claim‚ explaining that the product was released in December 2017. She also said that the makeup used to cover her bruises was not precise. However‚ she did not deny that Depp physically assaulted her‚ and she later wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post that claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse. She claims Depp hit her multiple times‚ slapping her on several occasions. She also claims Depp abused her with alcohol and drugs. Amber Heard's makeup artist‚ Melanie Inglessis‚ gave a detailed account of how she covered up the alleged bruises on Amber Heard's face. Heard testified that she suffered a fractured lip‚ two black eyes‚ and a split lip in the altercation with Johnny Depp. Inglessis said she used heavier concealer than usual to hide the discoloration caused by the bruises.

Heard's injuries covered with makeup

Amber Heard has been suing Johnny Depp over claims that he physically abused her and covered up her injuries with makeup. Depp‚ who denied the allegations‚ is trying to collect $50 million in damages from Heard‚ who countersued for $100 million. A deposition of Heard's former lawyer Isaac Baruch‚ who was an attorney for the actor‚ was released on Wednesday. The actress has not disclosed what her injuries were‚ but she claims she covered them up with makeup in order to look more glamorous in public. The allegations against Depp have led to conspiracy theories‚ including the one that Milani cosmetics created a TikTok video to disprove Bredehoft's theory. The video shows the Milani Conceal + Perfect All-in-One Correcting Kit‚ which was released a year after Heard filed for divorce from Depp. During the trial‚ Heard addressed this theory‚ saying that it wasn't the same makeup kit she had been using when she was dating Depp. The former makeup artist for Amber Heard revealed that she covered up bruises after the altercation with Johnny Depp. She said she wore heavier concealer than usual and applied a red blood lipstick to cover up bruises. Her makeup artist‚ Melanie Inglessis‚ agreed with her client. But it was Inglessis who helped Amber conceal the bruises before appearances. Amber Heard's makeup artist Melanie Inglessis also revealed that she covered up the bruises with makeup to give her the same appearance she had on the same day.