Who is Celeste Cortesi, Miss Universe Philippines 2022?

Sunday, May 1, 2022
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Miss Universe Philippines 2022 - Celeste Cortesi

Celeste Cortesi was declared the new Miss Universe Philippines 2022 after impressing judges with her wit and personality. She stunned the judges when she answered quizzes from Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach‚ who hosted the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 pageant and quizzed the other Top 5 candidates. Read on to find out more about Celeste Cortesi! Here's a short bio on Celeste and her parents.

Celeste Cortesi

After becoming the first Filipina Miss Universe in 2018‚ Celeste Cortesi made history in the beauty pageant by winning the crown. In addition to the title‚ she also won the Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimsuit titles. The proud mother of two fur kids‚ a cat named Chanel and a french bulldog named Dolce‚ Celeste is also a certified beach lover. Her pretty tattoo collection includes a palm tree tattoo on her thigh. After a tough competition‚ the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 title went to the Filipina-Italian model‚ Celeste Cortesi. The 24-year-old outdid 31 other top candidates to be crowned the new Miss Universe Philippines. The pageant was hosted by previous Miss Universe winners such as Pia Wurtzbach (2015)‚ Demi-Leigh Tebow (2017)‚ Iris Mitternaere (2016) and Harnaaz Sandhu. Italian-Filipina‚ Cortesi was the favorite of fans and judges. During the competition‚ she was the crowd's favorite and the frontrunner. The Miss Universe Philippines competition is her second major win after winning the Miss Earth 2018 crown. In addition‚ she also won the Miss Aqua Boracay and Miss Avana beauty pageants. After being named Miss Earth‚ Celeste Cortesi also won the Best in Swimsuit award at the Miss Aqua Boracay pageant. Aside from her popularity as a supermodel‚ Celeste Cortesi also has a massive fan base on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. In fact‚ Cortesi's popularity on Twitter‚ Facebook‚ and Instagram are a testament to her growing popularity as a model. Although she currently works as a model in Italy‚ she has always dreamed of being a supermodel. Her Italian father and Filipino mother combined to create an interesting family background.

Her parents

In the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 pageant‚ contestant Celeste Cortesi showed off her Italian-accented English as she emphasized the importance of family and her Italian roots. She has not seen her Italian-based mother in two years. But that is not all that she brought with her to Italy. The Philippines is represented by a diverse group of delegates‚ each with their own beauty and advocacies. For her appearance‚ Celeste also displayed an impressive range of catwalk skills. She's a talented fashion model who has worked with local designers. She won the Miss Photogenic award and the Best in Swimsuit award‚ and is rumored to represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant in France. Her mother is an Italian‚ and she has expressed her wish to visit her country to visit her. After winning the Miss Earth title in 2018‚ Cortesi finished in the Top 8 at the Miss Universe Philippines 2018 competition. She was chosen to replace Beatrice Luigi Gomez‚ who placed fifth in the 70th Miss Universe Pageant in Israel in December. As the new Miss Universe Philippines‚ Cortesi must continue the 12-year streak that the Philippines has enjoyed in the global pageant semifinals. Her predecessor‚ Venus Raj‚ started this streak in 2006. Celebrities from the world of modeling have long dreamed of the pageant. Celebrities have dreamed of a day of glory‚ and Celeste Cortesi has done just that. She's a 24-year-old model from Italy‚ who was crowned Miss Earth Philippines in 2018. In May‚ she also won the title of Miss Philippines Earth. In addition to a glamorous pageant‚ Celeste has a busy life as a real estate developer.

Her country

When the search for the next Miss Universe Philippines began in February‚ many Filipinos were excited to learn that the country would have a new queen. This year‚ the competition took place in the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. The event was contested by 30 female candidates‚ with 24 year-old Celeste Cortesi emerging as the winner. She will represent the Philippines at Miss Universe 2022. Before winning the title‚ Celeste Cortesi was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2018. She was a crowd favorite and the frontrunner‚ beating out 31 other aspirants. She now has to compete against Beatrice Luigi Gomez‚ who finished fifth at the 70th Miss Universe Pageant in Israel last December. If Cortesi wins‚ she will be able to continue the Philippine's 12-year streak of reaching the semifinals of global pageants. After being crowned Miss Earth Philippines 2018‚ Cortesi also participated in Miss Earth‚ where she was the first representative from the Philippines. After placing in the Top 8‚ Celeste decided to enter the Miss Universe competition. Her mom was the one pushing her to join the competition and she expressed her desire to go to Italy and visit her mom. In the past‚ Cortesi has modelled for different designers‚ from Italian fashion houses to prestigious brands. During the competition‚ Celeste Cortesi impressed the judges with her wit and witty answers to the quizzes. The judges were impressed with her answer to questions posed by Miss Universe 2015‚ Pia Wurtzbach‚ who hosted the pageant. The three other Top 5 candidates also answered the questions. So what makes Celeste Cortesi stand out? She is a dynamo of talent and a natural beauty!

Her swimsuit

The defending Miss Earth Philippines winner‚ Celeste Cortesi‚ has been crowned the next Miss Universe Philippines 2022. The Italian-Filipina‚ 24‚ is the third Miss Universe Philippines to win the title. In addition to Miss Earth‚ she also finished as the Top 8 of Miss Earth 2018 and won the Best in Swimsuit award at the national beauty pageant. She plans to become a real estate agent. The winner of the Miss Universe Philippines pageant is the first Filipina to win the crown since Beatrice Luigi Gomez in 2009. She is the successor to Beatrice Luigi Gomez‚ who finished fourth at the 70th Miss World Pageant in Israel last December. Cortesi will have to uphold the country's 12-year streak of being in the semifinal round‚ a streak started by Venus Raj in 1992. While there are many talented Filipinas in the Philippines' beauty pageant‚ few can boast of the impressive list of celebrities that have won the title. Celeste Cortesi has an impressive resume‚ which includes a stint as an international catwalk model. She's also a proud mom to a cat and a french bulldog‚ Dolce and Chanel. As for her tattoo collection‚ Celeste has a palm tree on her thigh. Before becoming a Miss Earth Philippine contender‚ Celeste Cortesi had been working in Italy as a mannequin. Her mother encouraged her to enter the pageant‚ and she won. After winning the Miss Earth Philippines 2018 crown‚ Cortesi has since started tweeting under the handle @celestecortesi on Twitter. Her twitter account currently has over 192k followers. In addition to being a Filipina‚ Celeste's family roots are Italian.

Her overall package

If you are one of the people who are following the Philippine beauty pageants‚ then you may be interested in the overall package of Celeste Cortesi‚ who is a logical choice as the next Miss Universe Philippines. This stunning beauty is elegant‚ statuesque‚ and intelligent. Her beauty is ethereal and will definitely turn heads in the international competition. She has what it takes to be crowned Miss Universe. A Filipino-Italian‚ Celeste Cortesi has won the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2022. She beat out over 30 other hopefuls at the pageant held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City. This event was hosted by Pia Wurtzbach (2015)‚ Iris Mittenaere (2016)‚ and Demi-Leigh Tebow‚ who also served as a special guest. The new Miss Universe Philippines‚ Silvia Celeste Cortesi‚ is the successor to the previous Beatrice Luigi Gomez‚ who served as the country's Miss Earth 2018. She defeated two other uniquely beautiful ladies to win the title. Michelle Dee‚ the daughter of Melanie Marquez‚ was the first runner-up‚ and Ma. Katrina Llegado finished second. Cortesi is now the first-ever Miss Universe Philippines‚ with the title set to be awarded to her by the Miss Universe Organization.