Who is Marine Le Pen? French far-right leader into run-off election

Monday, April 11, 2022
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French Far Right Leader Into Run Off Election

Pollsters have predicted a close runoff‚ with the margin of error being within one point. The next French president will be chosen by the votes of Macron supporters and Le Pen's rivals. The two leaders will be chosen by the votes of their opponents‚ including Valerie Pecresse‚ Anne Hidalgo‚ Yannick Jadot‚ and Fabien Roussel.

Marine Le Pen wins run-off

After winning the first round‚ Marine Le Pen was the only remaining candidate in the French run-off election‚ but her message was clearly more appealing to voters. She has pledged to lower the retirement age to 60 and abolish income tax for people under 30. She also wants to lower Vat on energy‚ from 20% to 5.5%‚ and has pledged to spend two billion euros over five years to improve the health system. Despite the anti-immigrant rhetoric‚ she has remained a popular choice with voters‚ gaining the support of voters in a close runoff election. Le Pen‚ born 5 August 1968‚ is the youngest daughter of former party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. She is also the aunt of former FN MP Marion Marechal. She joined the party in 1986 and served as a regional councillor in Nord-Pas-de-Calais from 1998-2004 and then as a member of the European Parliament from 2004 to 2017. She later married former National Front national secretary Eric Lorio‚ and the two were divorced in 2006. The Front National has published a presidential project for overseas. In addition to its manifesto‚ Marine Le Pen has also published her closing speech‚ which was recorded at a meeting in Metz on 12 December 2011. The Front National published her speech in both French and English in response to the FN's win. If you want to learn more about the Front National and its platform‚ visit its website. The hard-left candidate Michel Melenchon placed third‚ with around 20% of the vote. While he acknowledged disagreements with Le Pen‚ he also said Macron was the better choice. However‚ despite his support for Macron‚ Zemmour said it is too late to stop the violence. But his supporters will not let that deter them. These voters are not willing to let Marine Le Pen take power in France. The first round results were surprising. Marine Le Pen received a majority of the vote‚ but her opponents were still unable to catch up. Her opponents had favored another far-left candidate‚ Eric Zemmour‚ but both of them ended up receiving less than 7% of the vote. It is unclear whether these two candidates will even make it to the run-off. The first round results were a shock to the French people. Macron's campaign did not do much to hurt his chances of winning the presidency.

Emmanuel Macron's support for NATO

France is not the only European country with nuclear weapons. France has also been a leader in European response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Macron's support of NATO is also unique among leading presidential candidates in France. Le Pen is an outspoken critic of far-right leaders across Europe. But the rift between the two candidates does not mean that Macron should be avoided altogether. Here are some things to consider if Macron is to win the run off election for president. The run-off election for the French presidency will be decided in the coming days. Emmanuel Macron's support for NATO is vital in France's ongoing security. While Le Pen has long advocated pulling the country out of NATO‚ recent polling shows that 67% of the French public do not believe France should leave the alliance. This is a significant difference from her campaign platform‚ which included a proposal to withdraw the EU from NATO. On Saturday‚ Le Pen's supporters and opponents reacted to Macron's NATO support. A few weeks ago‚ Le Pen was widely panned as an anti-immigration nationalist. But Macron's support for NATO made Le Pen's supporters sway. Meanwhile‚ Macron's stance on immigration and NATO has become the new norm in France. The left-right divide in France is no longer present. Pro-European and pro-globalization candidates backed by Macron's NATO support are now threatening to break apart the French political system. On the other hand‚ Le Pen's victory would prove how popular far-right nationalists are in Europe. In other words‚ if Marine Le Pen wins the election‚ it would fracture the trans-Atlantic response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While Macron is now the favorite‚ Ms. Le Pen's victory would cause deep concern for all allied capitals. Both Macron and Le Pen have argued about economic issues in their campaigns. Marine Le Pen has emphasized the rising cost of living. Rising fuel and food prices have caused an increase in consumer prices. Her supporters have backed her and have urged their supporters to vote for her in the second round. According to recent polls‚ she trails Mr. Macron by just a few percentage points in the runoff.

Marine Le Pen's ties to Vladimir Putin

Despite claims to the contrary‚ Marine Le Pen has met with the Russian president and has declared her independence from Russian money. However‚ her close relationship with Putin casts a shadow over her campaign. On Monday‚ BBC One's documentary Who's Funding France's Far Right will investigate Le Pen's links to Vladimir Putin. It will also discuss the controversial loan Le Pen's National Front obtained from a Russian bank in 2014. A recent poll revealed that Marine Le Pen has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. While she never openly acknowledged her friendship with Putin‚ she has long been an admirer of his nationalism. She has said that her relationship with Putin is purely political and that she is not a spy. Despite this‚ her ties to Putin have not hindered her campaign from being a popular choice among voters. The controversies surrounding Marine Le Pen's ties to Russia are complicated. The issue was raised when she condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While she has never been implicated in war crimes‚ she has said that the Russians should be prosecuted for their actions. She has also claimed that she took a loan from a Russian bank after French banks refused her a loan. It is unclear whether this loan is connected to her campaign or is part of her foreign policy. A recent report by the Financial Times reveals that Le Pen has ties to Russia. Her daughter‚ Marine Le Pen‚ and her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen have visited Russia repeatedly. In 2014‚ the Le Pen campaign borrowed EUR9 million from a Russian bank‚ and Le Pen's party subsequently sided with Moscow on issues including the Crimea and the Russian opposition candidate Alexei Navalny. In 2014‚ Le Pen's campaign discarded more than a million campaign leaflets featuring pictures of the two leaders shaking hands. Despite the fact that Marine Le Pen's ties to Russia are deeply troubling‚ this may not be the worst part. The French far right is longing for a similar blend of social conservatism and authoritarian nationalism. Their political platform also includes openly racist statements about the immigrants who occupy the country. They want a return to those days‚ when immigrants were not repressed in their own country.

Melenchon's support for Buy French policy

While Macron's economic plan is similar to that of Le Pen‚ Melenchon has a much stronger left wing base and is suspicious of the European Union. Melenchon wants to distance France from the EU and supports a strong interventionist state‚ while Macron rejects the labels of leftist‚ far-left‚ and populist. His claim to outsider status is stronger than Melenchon's. While Melenchon has some supporters in the socialist camp‚ he's also vulnerable to those who sympathise with Fillon's anti-European policy. If he wins the first round‚ fillon will win a landslide. On the other hand‚ Melenchon's strong anti-European stance makes him vulnerable to Le Pen's hard line rhetoric. While Melenchon has a leftist agenda‚ his economic plan is no less controversial. He's pledged to scrap the European stability pact and the Six Pack of EU legislation imposed to ensure tighter budget discipline. The former Presidential candidate wants a European pact for social progress instead. He also wants to replace the European Stability Pact with an Ecological and Social Development Pact. The socialist party's policies are a shadow of their former selves. Le Pen's policies are incongruous with those of the left. In fact‚ Melenchon's supporters have been criticized as unworkable by critics. However‚ this hasn't stopped Le Pen from campaigning against free trade in Europe and has proposed a three percent tax on all imports.