Who is Viktor Medvedchuk, Putins main man in Ukraine?

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Viktor Medvedchuk - Putin's Main Man in Ukraine

Despite his recent escape‚ Viktor Medvedchuk has remained one of Putin's stooges in Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces have thwarted the Russian blitzkrieg‚ and the Ukrainian intelligence service has continued to hunt for him. Despite the escalating tensions‚ Medvedchuk's pro-Russian political party has suspended operations. On Monday‚ Zelenskyy announced on twitter that he had been apprehended. He looked disheveled and wore an unsuitable uniform‚ unlike his usual bespoke suits.

Viktor Medvedchuk was a power broker between Ukraine and Russia

Viktor Medvedchuk‚ the president of the Ukrainian government‚ and his wife‚ the TV star Oksana Marchenko‚ are close allies of the Russian government. They first met in the Kremlin in February 2014 to talk about their upcoming election campaign. The two were also involved in the purchase of 42% of a Russian oil refinery. The Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery is located in the mining city of Novoshakhtinsk. In May 2018‚ Medvedchuk purchased the majority of the refinery's shares‚ a move that is aimed at evading US sanctions against the Russian government. Viktor Medvedchuk is one of the leading pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine. He also happens to be Putin's godfather. Medvedchuk's political party is the largest opposition force in the Ukrainian parliament‚ and he has faced numerous charges of treason in recent months. Last May‚ the United States accused him of plotting a coup with help from Russia. Before being elected president of Ukraine‚ Medvedchuk served as the chief of staff of President Leonid Kuchma‚ and was close to Yanukovych‚ who later became the leader of Russia. As the last pro-Russian president‚ Medvedchuk focused on investing in energy‚ resources‚ and media. He also played a key role in the peace negotiations with Russia in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and negotiated prisoner exchange. According to reports‚ six Ukrainian women have been raped‚ including a pregnant 16-year-old and a 78-year-old. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International also reported that a woman in the Kharkiv region was raped after her husband died. According to the United States‚ Ukraine has a joint investigation with Russia into reports of a drone dropping chemical weapons on Ukrainian forces in Mariupol‚ where the occupying force of the Russian military is based.

He says Crimea belongs to Russia

President Donald Trump recently told a group of G7 leaders in Quebec that Crimea belongs to Russia‚ not Ukraine. The reason is simple: Crimea is Russian‚ and everyone speaks Russian. The president said he was aiming to return to the 19th century notion of great powers dictating terms. That is not how we do business. We should not discuss the fate of a part of Ukraine over the heads of 44 million Ukrainians. On February 27‚ armed men seized key checkpoints and facilities in Crimea‚ claiming the peninsula belonged to Russia. They wore Russian combat fatigues but had no identifying insignia. Some Ukrainians called them little green men. Although Russian President Vladimir Putin initially denied this‚ he later acknowledged that they were Russian troops. But what happened next? The Ukrainian government has resorted to military force to maintain control over Crimea. On 16 March 2014‚ the Russian President‚ Vladimir Putin‚ spoke to the Russian Federation Council‚ a body made up of deputies of the Duma‚ where he argued for the secession of Crimea from Ukraine. Crimea belongs to Russia‚ Putin said‚ accusing the West of crossing a red line in Ukraine. In addition‚ Putin signed the annexation treaty with Sevastopol's mayor‚ Alexei Chaly‚ and the speaker of the Crimean parliament‚ Vladimir Konstantinov. The Crimean peninsula was ruled by the Khanate of the Crimean peninsula‚ which was a confederation of Tartar remnants of the Golden Horde. The Crimean peninsula was officially part of the Russian Empire until the eighteenth century. Prior to the Russians' occupation‚ the Crimean peninsula was populated by a cosmopolitan mix of peoples and nations‚ including Scythians‚ Romans‚ Goths‚ and Byzantines. In the nineteenth century‚ it was considered a hub of cultural exchanges.

He has been sanctioned by the US government

In a veiled attempt to undermine the Ukrainian government‚ the US government has sanctioned Viktor Medvedchuk‚ the head of the Opposition Platform party. The US has accused the two Opposition Platform party members of working to undermine the Ukrainian leadership. One of these members is Taras Kozak‚ who owns three television channels. Last year‚ Ukrainian officials shut down the three channels. They were closely linked to the Russian-funded channels Zika‚ 112 Ukraine‚ and Newsone. In Ukraine‚ the US government has sanctioned Viktor Medvedchuk‚ the leader of a pro-Russian party. He is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and is the main opposition force. However‚ Medvedchuk has been under attack since last year. He was charged with treason in May and placed under house arrest. The US government accuses Medvedchuk of plotting a coup with Russian assistance. The US has accused Medvedchuk of contributing to the conflict in Ukraine by undermining the democratic process in his own country. In addition to that‚ Medvedchuk has accused the Ukrainian government of alienating the residents of the Crimean Peninsula. This is a violation of the laws of international law and should be punished. However‚ the US has not sanctioned Medvedchuk in the case of Russia. The US has also sanctioned Ukraine's main opposition leader‚ Viktor Medvedchuk. Zelenskyy‚ President of Ukraine‚ oversaw the crackdown on the opposition leader. He also froze Medvedchuk's assets and banned his television networks. But Putin still wants him to keep fighting and is preparing for the worst.

He has been imprisoned

President Zelenskyy of Ukraine announced on Monday that his country's security service had captured Viktor Medvedchuk‚ a pro-Kremlin politician who escaped from house arrest last year. The pro-Russian politician had been accused of looting national resources in Crimea after Russia's annexation of the region. He claims that the Russian president is the godfather of his daughter. Putin's anger over the arrest has led to threats of revenge. Putin has promised to respond harshly to political persecution. The security service chief has thanked counterintelligence officers and investigators for their efforts in the investigation‚ saying that hiding in a closet will not help him escape punishment. However‚ the crackdown has led to a heated debate in the Kremlin. The US imposed sanctions on Medvedchuk and two of his Opposition Platform party members‚ accusing them of helping Russia to undermine the leadership of the country. They also accused one of the Opposition Platform party leader Taras Kozak of funding three TV channels that he criticized. Ukrainian officials shut them down last year after the allegations surfaced. The three TV channels he was closely linked to were Zika‚ 112 Ukraine and Newsone. In the aftermath of the Euromaidan Revolution‚ Medvedchuk created a media empire and took on a role in the negotiations between Russian officials and Ukrainian officials. He was a major influence between the two countries and was a key emissary of Putin's interests. However‚ the Kremlin facilitated his activities in Ukraine‚ and he has continued to use his victim status to promote his political agenda. The Kremlin is very familiar with similar tactics and often employs similar methods to manipulate political opposition.

He was arrested in a multi-level special operation

Ivan Bakanov‚ the head of Russia's security service‚ has praised the counterintelligence officers and investigators for the lightning fast operation. Bakanov did not elaborate on the details of the arrest. The arrest of Putin's main man in Ukraine has brought the Russian foreign policy into focus. The Russian military has refocused its attention on the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine and the southern part of the country‚ including the port city of Mariupol. The arrest of Medvedchuk comes after he escaped house arrest on treason charges days after the Russian invasion. The arrest came after the President of Ukraine‚ Volodymyr Zelenskiy‚ announced that the former prime minister had been arrested in a multi-level special operation. He was wearing an army fatigue shirt with a Ukrainian flag patch. During the war‚ Putin's closest ally‚ Viktor Medvedchuk‚ was the primary suspect in the arrest. Medvedchuk‚ who is Putin's godfather‚ is one of the most powerful backroom politicians in Ukraine. Many critics have dubbed him the Grey Cardinal because of his unmatched power and wealth. According to Zelenskyy‚ Russian forces have already seized a military base in Mariupol‚ a port that has become a major target for the Russian military. However‚ the Russians have not yet taken control of Mariupol‚ which is a crucial lynchpin between the Russian-held areas to the west. Mariupol would be the first major city of Ukraine to fall to Russian forces.