Who uses this word!?: Players in uproar over Wordle 246

Sunday, February 20, 2022
author picture Liam Lambert
Video/image : YouTube , 9yjxbbfhxavwom
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A new video game platform from the New York Times has become a source of frustration for gamers. The New York Occasions purchased the game for a seven-figure sum, and it has been causing a lot of uproar since it hit the market. Some people claim that Wordle has become too difficult to play, and think that the New NYO purposefully chooses five-letter phrases that are difficult to find. On 11 February, the New York Times published a version of Wordle that migrated to their games platform. The result, however, left many players confused and frustrated. The New York Times says that the word tacit means understood without words. In the case of Wordle, this means that many people did not even know what tacit meant. In other words, the game was too hard for them. The game is so popular that it has caused uproar, but despite its popularity, it's become harder.

This puzzle has become more difficult since The New York Times bought the site from Josh Wardle. As a result, players are complaining that the game has become increasingly frustrating. One theory suggests that The New York Times has been deliberately selecting words with five letters that are difficult to spell.