Why Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Skipped the 2022 Met Gala

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Skipped the 2022 Met Gala

Many stars have announced their absence from the upcoming 2022 Met Gala‚ but why? Rihanna‚ Taylor Swift‚ Britney Spears‚ Machine Gun Kelly‚ and Colson Baker are among them. However‚ there are a few notable exceptions. A couple of fans pointed out that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox snubbed each other. Here are the reasons why.

Taylor Swift

While there was plenty of speculation surrounding Swift and Fox's missing out on the Met Gala‚ they both appeared to be attending the event anyway. While they've reportedly been dating since August‚ it's not clear exactly what their relationship entails. While some sources say they're just friends‚ others speculate that they're soulmates or twin flames. According to the Met Gala website‚ twin flames are souls that have merged with one another and split into two bodies. Although Swift hasn't attended the Met Gala in the past‚ there's still a chance she will make an appearance next year. She regularly appeared on the Met Gala Met Carpet‚ and her absence has piqued fans' interests. Although Taylor Swift has not commented publicly on the subject‚ fans can take some cues from recent photos and tweets from fans. In particular‚ fans should keep an eye out for the appearance of Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid‚ who have both reportedly been seen in recent Met Gala events. For the 2021 Met Gala‚ Megan Fox stepped onto the red carpet on her own‚ but she reunited with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly at Cathedrale. Megan opted for a short one-shoulder Dundas x Revolve dress instead of the plunging dress‚ but remained faithful to her signature red lipstick and bangs. Megan Fox's boyfriend complemented her look with a croc-embossed moto jacket adorned with crimson flowers. The two had a scheduled concert in Central Park‚ but due to the stormy weather‚ they decided to skip the Met Gala.


The costume institute‚ part of the American Wing of the Museum of Modern Art‚ hosts the annual Met Gala. Many celebrities and up-and-coming stars attend. Tickets to the event can cost as much as $275‚000 a pop. The cost is so high that the star-studded event has been known to have a waiting list. Megan Fox and Rihanna have both made the news by missing the event. The reasons for their absence from this year's Met Gala are largely unknown‚ but many people assume they were forced to miss the event because of their pregnancy or other reasons. Rihanna is due to give birth any day now‚ and Megan Fox is a Pisces. But despite the controversy over the virus‚ the list of celebrities who missed this year's event is growing. The reason for the long gap is uncertain. Rihanna and Fox both wore statement jewelry. She wore the Rebel Black Ring by Thelma West Diamonds‚ a piece of jewelry that was featured at the Sotheby's Black and Brilliant exhibit. The ring was complemented by 267 carats of Bvlgari jewelry and platinum and diamond earrings. The Met Gala has been a major fundraiser for the Costume Institute‚ and this year was no exception. The singer wore a lace bra underneath a red puff-sleeved dress and a matching lace-bra. Rihanna‚ meanwhile‚ wore a sheer slip dress by Moschino. Earlier in the year‚ she attended a Dior show in a red dress‚ and wore bikini underwear and lace bra.

Britney Spears

Despite the fact that the two actors are considered high-profile and hip‚ Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly did not attend the 2022 Met Gala. Both chose to stay off the Internet today to avoid speculation about their whereabouts. While it's unclear whether or not they were invited‚ some believe they were just too busy for the event. If this is the case‚ it's easy to understand their decision to skip the event. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are no strangers to controversy. They recently announced their engagement after dating for two years. The couple have made several red carpet appearances together and have given fans iconic moments. However‚ it's not clear why the couple decided to skip the event. MGK and Megan spotted walking the red carpet alone‚ but it's not clear if they were just having a date or were just avoiding the media altogether. However‚ it's not all bad news for the couple. Machine Gun Kelly recently welcomed his new kitten Whiskey. The couple posted a photo together wearing matching leopard pajamas. Moreover‚ the couple spent the night out together in Brazil. However‚ there is another reason why the two chose to skip the 2022 Met Gala: they want to spend more time together. It's also Fox's birthday. The couple shared a romantic night out during which they were spotted kissing.

Colson Baker

If you're wondering if the two celebrities are dating‚ you're not alone. After all‚ they've been making headlines since their romance started last summer. Megan and MGK have never held back when it comes to showing their love for each other‚ including sharing kisses in front of the media and gushing over each other on social media. But before they take their relationship to the next level‚ they're waiting for the timing to be right. For the last couple of years‚ MGK has been friends with Pete Davidson and has declared him his best man on his wedding day. And while he's not in the spotlight as often‚ the two have a common interest in cinema and film. After all‚ he's about to get his big break in Hollywood. And he'd like to make sure his fiancee was by his side as he embarks on a new career path. Before announcing their relationship‚ the singer released a new music video featuring Megan Fox. The singer‚ real name Colson Baker‚ is the father of 11-year-old Casie. The two rarely talk about their private lives‚ but recent photos of the singer with his manager's son have fueled reports of a romance. This new music video is sure to give fans a good time‚ as both stars have a lot to celebrate in the new year.

MGK's tattoos

The tattoos on the actresses' arms and legs have sparked a flurry of rumors‚ but MGK and Fox have yet to officially comment on their reasoning. According to a 2008 GQ photo shoot‚ MGK had said that his tattoo design was inspired by Fox's body art. However‚ the rapper's former classmate told GQ that the two had once promised to marry each other when they were teens. While it's hard to know whether the two women were simply embarrassed to go to the 2022 Met Gala because of their tattoo designs‚ there's no doubt that the stars were happy to have made their red carpet debuts together. After all‚ Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly even wore matching white suits. The pair kissed on the red carpet as they performed‚ a move that was accompanied by a cigarette. Despite the embarrassment‚ both stars appeared at an after-party for the popular music label Revolve. Megan Fox held onto her boyfriend closely as she entered the Revolve party after the Met Gala. The pair also posed for photos at the iHeartRadio Music Awards together‚ where MGK showed off his new face tat near his chin. She also attended the same event with Avril Lavigne‚ Charli and Dixie D'Amelio‚ Chase Hudson‚ and Jessie Jo Stark.

Their relationship

Despite the couple's serious relationship‚ it's easy to forget that Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have a romantic history. They met when the former was still a teenager‚ and their relationship has since blossomed into a dynamite one. Kelly has recently resurfaced‚ revealing that he gave Fox a vial of her blood when she was freaking out over her own infidelity. Luckily‚ their relationship was able to survive this crisis‚ as both have worked out nuances and sought healing through ayahuasca. While both parties are in the process of finalizing their divorces‚ it appears that Fox and Kelly have become serious about their relationships and intend to spend the rest of their lives together. Aside from the recent Met Gala cancellation‚ Fox recently showed off an NSFW ring on Instagram Stories and captioned it with an emoji of a F- You. Kelly‚ meanwhile‚ celebrated the first Valentine's Day with the actress. They also shared a gallery of pictures and videos. During the ceremony‚ Kelly paid tribute to Fox with a blood drop necklace. Although their relationship has caused controversy‚ Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly did manage to attend the April 2022 Daily Front Row Fashion Awards. During the event‚ Fox presented the Stylist Curator Award to Maeve Reilly. She commended Machine Gun Kelly for introducing her to the actress. Their relationship has been deemed serious enough to keep Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly away from the Met Gala‚ but fans are still upset that they did not attend the awards ceremony.