Why the U.S. is targeting Putins daughters Katerina and Maria

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
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Why the US is Targeting Putin's Daughters Katerina and Maria

US sanctions against Russia have come in response to the rape and murder of hundreds of people in Ukraine. The sanctions were prompted by images of dead bodies and stories of rape and murder from survivors. US officials also targeted two major banks and officials close to the Russian president. A US official said that Putin's inner circle hid its wealth with family members. US President Joe Biden called the killings major war crimes.

Kirill Shamalov

President Vladimir Putin's adult daughters have been the subject of US sanctions for months‚ but why? US officials believe that the daughters are hiding his wealth and power. One of the women is a tech executive who works to support the Russian defense industry‚ while the other is a geneticist who oversees government-funded programs. The two women are still unnamed. The daughter of the President of Russia has been far more visible than her sister. Her rock n' roll dancing career has made her more sought after than her sister. In 2013‚ she and her partner came fifth in an international competition. In 2015‚ she married a Dutch businessman named Jorrit Joost Faassen. In 2015‚ she was studying biomedicine and co-authoring a guide on stunted growth in children. The Biden administration has accused the two women of working for the Russian government. Both women are highly educated and highly successful and have close connections to Putin and the Kremlin. Tikhonova is a former KGB agent‚ while Vorontsova is a paediatric endocrinologist. Both women have worked with government-funded programs and are believed to have the support of the Russian government. While President Putin and his wife are in jail‚ the daughters' lives have been in the spotlight. The US has sought to use the daughter of the Russian President as a leverage against the Kremlin. Their father is accused of directing Russia's nuclear program. US officials have threatened to retaliate for the provocative actions. The US's response to these actions has been shocking. A friend of Putin's‚ Nikolai Shamalov‚ owns the Rossiya Bank‚ which has been called a personal bank for top Kremlin officials. As a result‚ Shamalov's fortunes improved after marrying Sophia. However‚ the US believes that Putin is hiding his assets with his family. In fact‚ the US has already sanctioned him for his role in the Russian energy sector.

Katerina Tikhonova

Both Katerina and Maria are highly talented women. Katerina is a research scientist at Moscow State University and the vice-rector of an institute focusing on artificial intelligence. Both work with the Russian defense industry‚ which is a key target for US sanctions. Five of the women's advisers at Moscow State University are also members of her father's inner circle. Katerina and Maria were research students when her father allegedly ordered Russian troops to shoot down a passenger plane in Bucha. The two women are slightly better known than their father. The younger daughter of Putin was born in East Germany. She was originally known as Yekaterina‚ but dropped her father's name as a child. She later earned her master's degree and is an accomplished acrobatic rock 'n' roll dancer. Putin's daughters are expected to be next in line to receive sanctions aimed at stifling their father's influence over their lives. The United States believes that many of Putin's assets are hidden with his family. While Tikhonova is a tech executive‚ she also oversees state-funded genetic research programs. Both women are supportive of the Russian defense industry. However‚ their father was a KGB agent who served as the head of the Russian military. So‚ why are the US targeting Putins daughters? The US is attempting to contain the Russian government's involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. Its sanctions have targeted senior Russian government officials and two of their adult daughters. They hope to freeze their assets that they have hidden overseas. This may have disastrous consequences if the sanctions were not lifted immediately. The Russian government is not responding quickly enough to the US sanctions. So‚ why is the US targeting Putins daughters Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Tikhonova?

Maria Vorontsova

Two Russian daughters of President Vladimir Putin are the latest targets of the United States‚ which accuses them of hiding money and wealth. While Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova works in the tech industry‚ supporting the Russian government and defence industry‚ Maria Vorontsova oversees genetics research and leads government-funded programmes. Neither woman has publicly spoken out against their father or been accused of wrongdoing. Putin married Lyudmila in 1983. The pair married in 1983‚ and they were married for 30 years. The marriage spanned his rise to the top of the Russian political hierarchy. Both daughters attended university in their home country. Katerina Vorontsova‚ who studied biology at St. Petersburg University‚ has ties to the Russian government. She is also an avid acrobat and has competed at international competitions. The US has sanctioned several prominent figures of Russia‚ including the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin‚ the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov‚ former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev‚ and the two daughters of President Vladimir Putin. They also targeted several members of the Security Council. And while the sanctions targeted the Kremlin‚ they also targeted Putins daughters Katerina and Maria Vorontsova. On Wednesday‚ President Vladimir Putin's daughters‚ Maria and Katerina‚ were subject to new sanctions in response to the murder of the civilians in Bucha. In a statement on Wednesday‚ US President Joe Biden denounced the atrocities of the Russian military in Ukraine. The US said these atrocities were linked to the Bucha mass killings‚ in which civilians were executed in cold blood by Russian soldiers.

Roman Abramovich

The latest developments in the Ukrainian conflict could lead to a settlement between Russia and Ukraine. Since the beginning of February‚ Russian forces have shelled Ukraine‚ killing hundreds of civilians‚ including children and pregnant women. Abramovich‚ who formerly owned Chelsea‚ lost his share of the club when the sanctions were implemented. The US has imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia and placed oligarchs and other individuals close to Putin on its list. As a response to the Russian government's actions‚ the US and EU are expected to impose further sanctions against Russian financial institutions. These measures may include targeting the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition to the Russian elite‚ the new sanctions could also target Alfa Bank and Sberbank‚ which block US persons from doing business with them. Additionally‚ the new sanctions may hinder Russia's efforts to continue international flights. The sanctions have crippled Russia's banking system and led to the downgrading of the country's debt. Rating agencies have warned that Moscow may default on its debts. The US has not yet sanctioned Abramovich. The Ukrainian president has asked US Vice President Biden to hold off on targeting the billionaire. He argued that Abramovich could play a key role in a peace deal between the two countries. Among those targeted are two oligarchs and three prominent Russian businessmen. Abramovich and Deripaska are Russian-Israeli businessmen who have amassed vast wealth in the post-Soviet years. Oleg Deripaska is an industrialist worth PS2 billion and has a multi-million pound property portfolio in the UK. These individuals have been accused of supporting the government's political ambitions. Andrey Kostin‚ the chairman of state-owned bank VTB‚ is a close associate of Putin. Both Kostin and Sechin are members of United Russia's supreme council. While Vladimir Putin's family has a long history of corruption‚ it has remained relatively quiet about his children. His children with Alina Kabaeva were photographed together in 2015 with a mystery man. In addition to their fathers‚ the daughters have also been linked to the Russian government. One of the rumours has been that Alina Kabaeva has had a child with Putin.