William Hurt, acclaimed US actor, dies aged 71

Monday, March 14, 2022
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Oscar-nominated William Hurt has died at the age of 71. The renowned US actor was a popular figure during the 1980s‚ starring in films such as Kiss of the Spider Woman and Broadcast News. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the sci-fi movie Altered States. He had his breakthrough role in the 1985 film Body Heat‚ starring opposite Kathleen Turner. In the 1990s‚ he starred in The Big Chill‚ a science fiction blockbuster that cemented his reputation as a leading man. William Hurt was born in Washington‚ D.C. on March 20‚ 1950. His parents were Henry Luce III‚ the heir to the Time-Life empire. He studied at Tufts University and then went on to the Juilliard School. Although he became an Oscar nominee for Kiss of the Spider Woman‚ he didn't make Hollywood his home for too long. He made his first film in the 1980s‚ and he quickly rose to fame. His roles ranged from neo-noirs to romantic comedies and dramas. After a long career in television and film‚ Hurt shifted to character roles‚ which earned him a fourth Oscar nomination. In 2005‚ he won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as a crime boss in David Cronenberg's film A History of Violence. However‚ younger audiences may have been more familiar with Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross‚ a fictional superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He first appeared in the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk and continued to appear in subsequent films such as Captain America: Civil War‚ The Avengers: Infinity War‚ and Black Widow.