WNBA working to bring Brittney Griner home from unimaginable

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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WNBA Working With State Department to Bring Brittney Griner Home

Recently‚ WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert addressed the plight of WNBA player Brittney Griner in Russia. The team was drafted at the top of the draft‚ and Griner has been in custody for two months now. The allegations against her include possessing cannabis oil-laced vape cartridges. While few updates have been provided since early March‚ the WNBA is working to bring Griner home.

WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert

WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert says she is working to bring Brittney Griner home after the young guard was arrested by Russian police in the Moscow airport in mid-February. The Russian authorities searched Griner's luggage and discovered vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. Possession of such items can carry up to 10 years in prison. A charitable effort led by Griner's team will also be launched in her honor. The league's Heart and Sole Shoe Drive will collect gently used shoes to help Griner return home. Despite the ongoing international crisis‚ WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert says she is working to bring the star home from an unimaginable situation. She spoke to reporters before the draft and expressed her support for the player and her family. Griner's family and teammates are urging the NBA not to make a big fuss about Griner's case‚ but the league's players and administration are also warning against making a fuss. While the WNBA is focusing on its draft strategy‚ the league's commissioner is doing everything she can to bring the star back to the United States. In the meantime‚ Griner has been incarcerated in Russia since her arrest on Feb. 17. Russia has a strict drug policy‚ and possessing cannabis oil cartridges carries a 10-year prison sentence.

WNBA commissioner's support for Brittney Griner

The WNBA commissioner has made a personal commitment to Griner and said she has been in contact with her twice a week. Griner is also receiving letters from Russia. ESPN's Holly Rowe reported Monday that Griner is seeing a Russian representative twice a week. WNBA commissioner Marge Margie Margrett said she supports Griner's efforts and has spoken with the league's legal team to get the latest updates. After being detained in Russia for nearly a month‚ the WNBA commissioner is standing with Griner. Griner was detained on Feb. 17 when Russian authorities searched her luggage. They found vape cartridges containing cannabis oil. Possession of cannabis oil is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Sadly‚ Griner is only a few weeks away from starting the WNBA season. The WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert spoke to reporters before the draft‚ reaffirming the league's commitment to bring its star home safely. After Griner was arrested in Russia for allegedly having cannabis oil in her luggage‚ the case has gone viral. The WNBA commissioner praised the patience of the players as Griner faces further detention in Russia. Despite the recent controversy‚ WNBA players have been telling the press not to make a big deal out of Griner's detention.

WNBA working with state department to bring Griner home

The WNBA is coordinating with the State Department to bring WNBA star Brittney Griner home from unimaginably long detention in Russia. Last month‚ Griner was arrested after officials found cannabis oil in her luggage. The State Department has strongly warned against Kremlin detention of U.S. citizens. Her detainment was extended until mid-May. WNBA officials have made no secret of their efforts to bring Griner home from Russia. The league has been vocal about its efforts to bring Griner home‚ but the state department has been relatively quiet in recent weeks. While many people attribute the lack of press coverage to the precarious nature of Griner's case‚ a lack of official communications may make it more difficult for the league to convince the Russian government to release Griner. While the WNBA is working with the state department‚ it is still unclear whether this will help in Griner's case. The WNBA is also working with the state department to bring Brittney Griner's case to the attention of American and European fans. The WNBA is committed to helping the grifter reach a safe and quick release. Until that happens‚ Griner will be held in Russia until May 19 - two weeks before the WNBA regular season begins. The WNBA is working with the State Department to bring Griner home from the Russian prison in order to help her fight for her freedom. The team is also in contact with Griner's legal team to seek consular access for Griner. The State Department has repeatedly asked for consular access to the detained American citizen but has been denied. A representative for Griner declined to comment on the ongoing legal matter. The investigation is expected to conclude on May 19 and a hearing will determine if Griner can be transferred to house arrest. Griner's family has also been keeping in touch with her by sending letters and pictures to her. However‚ her family and friends are keeping her away from her teammates until her case is concluded. While she is in detention‚ the WNBA is working with the state department to bring Brittney Griner home from the unimaginable.