Wrestlemania Backlash results 2022 Live updates, results, winners

Monday, May 9, 2022
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Wrestlemania Backlash Results 2022 Live Updates Results Winners

Wrestlemania Backlash results 2022 live online are out‚ and the WWE has posted them on its official website. The show was held in Providence‚ Rhode Island‚ at the Dunkin' Donuts Center. There were few championship matches‚ but backlash featured many rematches. Here is a complete preview of the show‚ including the winners‚ losers‚ and matchups.

AJ Styles vs. Edge

AJ Styles vs. Edge: This is a match-up of the highest quality. The first match features a rematch between AJ Styles and Edge from Wrestlemania 35 in 2013. This bout is the fourth of five scheduled for Backlash. AJ Styles has a shoulder injury and was attacked by Edge and Priest on Raw. Styles began the match on the offensive‚ but was cut off by Edge during a Phenominal Forearm attempt. Edge then worked over Styles and got him in a Crossface. AJ Styles countered into the Calf Crusher‚ but the match ended with Edge choking out his opponent. After the match‚ Edge and Styles continued to trade blows. Edge won the first match by using his heel-to-face offense. Edge dominated the second match by using a combination of offense and defense. Edge dominated the second match by hitting the crossface. He also hit a back elbow‚ but was able to get Styles to submit. WrestleMania Backlash 2022 was held at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Rhode Island. It featured six-man tag matches and advertised the unification of the Raw and SmackDown tag team championships. The biggest match on the card was the Bloodline's rematch against The Usos and Drew McIntyre. The Bloodline had been on the defensive for most of the match‚ but an aggressive spear changed the outcome of the main event.

Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey

The WWE is set to unveil the final match of their Backlash event on Friday night‚ featuring the return of Ronda and Charlotte Flair. The two will battle for the SmackDown women's championship. In the opening match‚ Ronda threw Charlotte to the floor‚ causing her to stumble. However‚ Charlotte Flair escaped‚ and she put Bill Flair in an armbar through a chair. Charlotte then went on to win the match. In the second match‚ Charlotte Flair attempted to pin Rousey in an armbar‚ but her opponent was able to break free‚ and rolled up Flair. Rousey then grabbed the chair and slammed it into a turnbuckle post. Charlotte Flair managed to climb out of the armbar‚ but Rousey fought back and hit Charlotte with a steel chair. This match will not be decided on how to win‚ but the winner will have the most 'Flair-Flair' tag team championship. Ronda Rousey reaches the stage with two Kendo sticks. She blocks a shot from Charlotte Flair and flips her over. She follows Charlotte Flair to the ring and powerslams her into the announce desk. However‚ Rousey doesn't quit easily‚ and she slaps Charlotte with her chair while she's on the way back to the ring.

Rollins vs. Rhodes

The match between Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes had a great deal of chemistry‚ but there was no major finish. Rollins hit multiple signature moves‚ but Rhodes managed to catch him off guard. He countered a rollup with a dusty punch and flipped into his own rollup‚ which led to a pedigree. The crowd chanted this is awesome‚ and Rollins pinned Rhodes and won the show. The match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins was a showcase for both of these guys. It was the second most anticipated match of the year‚ and it wasn't one to be missed. Cody Rhodes teased Pedigree‚ but his opponent didn't seem to see it coming. As the number two contender in WWE‚ Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins was a great match. Cody Rhodes beat Cody Rollins in a bang-up match‚ but that doesn't mean the feud is over yet. The backlash is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. ET on PPV. The main event will begin at 8 p.m. ET‚ and will feature commentary for all four superstars.

Bloodline vs. RK-Bro

Bloodline vs. RK-Bro Wrestlemania Backlash results 2022 Live updates winners of the match: The Bloodline won a thrilling contest over the RK-Bro. The Usos and Roman Reigns also fought for the tag team championship. Drew McIntyre and RK-Bro also participated in the event. The WWE Kick-Off Show will feature a six-man tag match between The Bloodline and RK-Bro. JBL is a big fan of Roman Reigns' run‚ and believes that the RK-Bro will dominate tonight. He also says that the RK-Bro are unfairly tagged‚ and that he thinks Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre are gifted performers. He predicts a title match between Orton and McIntyre. MVP shook Bobby Lashley's hand and made his ring entrance more ominous. Edge's ring entrance was longer and included his major accolades. Edge beat AJ Styles after injuring his shoulder. He also managed to escape Edge's spear‚ but was pinned by MVP. In addition‚ Lashley was distracted by Damien Priest‚ who hit Edge with his cane.

Reigns vs. McIntyre

The Reigns vs. McIntyre match began with both men going at it in the middle of the ring. Both men threw their hammers and knees at each other in order to get the upper hand. After Orton put the knee to the gut‚ Reigns fought back with a Superman Punch. When McIntyre tagged in‚ he went for a powerbomb. The Usos intervened and the two fought each other until Reigns hit a superman punch. This match was a great one from start to finish‚ but the main issue was the booking. The main issue with the match was that it was a match between two big protected stars‚ Reigns and McIntyre. Ultimately‚ the champion should have won‚ but the fans felt the match was a flop. The winner was a draw‚ but the match was an action-packed one with great work from everyone involved. The two men faced off in a six-man main event. Both men are eager to win the World Title in front of the crowd‚ and the house was rocked by a promo from Roman Reigns before the match. The match lasted 22 minutes. Reigns put McIntyre through a table‚ but McIntyre fought back with a back drop.

Rollins vs. Rollins

Seth Styles is on a two-man tear. Seth Styles counters a collar and elbow tie-up with a jackknife cover for two counts and then goes for a wrist lock exchange to get back to his feet. He then uses a whip to send Styles to the ropes‚ but Rollins is able to escape and counter with a knife edge chop. Styles tries to sneak up and apply the BucleBomb‚ but Rollins is too fast. The rollins vs. styles match has a great finish! The match had plenty of chemistry between the two superstars and featured several signature moves. But at one point‚ Rollins managed to get out of a waistlock by counter-crushing Rhodes with his Pedigree‚ while Roman slid into a roll-up and nailed Rollins with an uppercut. The crowd went crazy‚ and this match was an instant classic! The match is on! Cody vs. Rollins 2022 Live updates results winners

Rollins vs. McIntyre

The match is between the two former Wrestling World Champions and has been dubbed as a classic. Rollins is known for his charisma and he will surely enthrall the audience‚ however‚ there are certain things that you should keep an eye on while watching the match. Here is a look at how the match ended and who won. WWE made sure WrestleMania Backlash delivered. The Bloodline defeated Drew McIntyre and The Usos retained their SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Meanwhile‚ Drew McIntyre teamed up with the Raw Tag Team Champions to face the Usos. The Usos and Riddle were expected to face The Rock after the show‚ but after the match‚ WWE canceled it and instead gave the Raw Tag Team Championship to the Raw team. The match between Reigns and McIntyre was a classic from start to finish‚ but there were some flaws with the booking. The main match was a sloppy A-to-B match‚ which should have resulted in a pinfall or victory for McIntyre. However‚ there were also a few positives to this match. The match ended with Reigns winning in a near fall‚ while the two other winners took the win via the pinfall.