WWE legend Triple H announces retirement from wrestling Im done

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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WWE Legend Triple H has announced that he will not be reentering the ring. The announcement was made during an appearance on ESPN's First Take with Stephen A. Smith. The heart surgery took place in September after a cardiac event. In the months since‚ Levesque hasn't wrestled at all. He's been recovering from a cardiac episode that he suffered in September. He made the announcement via a tweet. He also revealed that he has a defibrillator in his chest. He said that he will be able to continue working in the industry for the rest of his life. His announcement came one day after he suffered a cardiac event last year. Then‚ WWE announced his retirement from in-ring competition on September 8‚ 2021. As we all know‚ WWE legends never retire. In fact‚ a few months back‚ he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. In June 2019‚ he wrestled his last match in Tokyo and his final televised match was against Randy Orton in Saudi Arabia. He will be leading the WWE's developmental division‚ NXT. In the meantime‚ he will be coaching the new generation of talented talent. After years of working for WWE‚ Paul 'Triple H' Levesque said he is retiring from in-ring competition. He revealed in the interview that he has a defibrillator implanted in his chest. He had heart failure last year and has been undergoing cardiac procedures for a few years now. He thanked fans for their support. He's been in the spotlight for the last few decades‚ and he's never been happier. I'm doing this because I can't keep on working‚ he said in a statement. Although he has been retired from the ring for years‚ he still has the desire to continue his career. Despite this‚ his heart is still in a state of chronic fibrosis. 'It is an honor to have lived such a long life‚' he added. Wrestling legend Triple H announces retirement from in-ring activity. After suffering a cardiac event last year‚ he said he's never going to return to the ring. However‚ he did thank fans for their support and for their love. And in a post-mortem interview with Stephen A. Smith‚ the legendary wrestler revealed that he's wearing a defibrillator in his chest and would not return to in-ring competition. The announcement comes as a shock to wrestling fans. Many people will be disappointed to see a WWE legend step down. It's never easy to leave a job if you're not sure where to go. And this is the case with Triple H. He hasn't been able to return to the ring for almost two years. While he continues to be the head of the WWE's developmental circuit‚ he plans to stay away from the ring for good. In a statement released today‚ the WWE legend confirms that he will no longer wrestle in the ring. After suffering a cardiac event last year‚ he decided to stop all in-ring activity. In addition to his retirement‚ Triple H will remain the head of the WWE's developmental program‚ NXT. The announcement follows his previous teasers that he will still be active in the wrestling business. Triple H has announced that he will not wrestle in the ring anymore. His retirement was announced on his official Twitter account. As for his real name‚ he is a native of Connecticut. He began wrestling in 1992. He won the World Championship four times‚ which he held for nine years. He was also part of the legendary D-Generation X team with Shawn Michaels. The WWE legend is retiring from professional wrestling. He has been a champion 14 times and was the most popular wrestler of all time. His retirement comes after a cardiac event last September that left him with heart failure. He has been a fan of wrestling since the early 1990s‚ and his career has lasted for over two decades. In September 2016‚ he announced his retirement from the wrestling business. He was the first WWE superstar to publicly admit that he was not a fan of alcohol.