Yankees Anthony Rizzo becomes MLB home run leader

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
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Anthony Rizzo Becomes MLB Home Run Leader

After a hot start to the 2022 season‚ Anthony Rizzo has gone on to become the Yankees' all-time home run leader. The Yankees' Anthony Rizzo powered the offense with three homers in Sunday's 12-8 win over the Baltimore Orioles. Rizzo's first home run of the game gave the Yankees a 3-0 lead in the third inning. The Yankees added another run in the fifth when Joey Gallo hit his first homer of the season. Rizzo's third homer gave the Yankees a 6-0 lead.

Rizzo's career stats

With eight home runs this season‚ Anthony Rizzo has moved into sole possession of the MLB home run lead. His three-run home run would not qualify as a home run in any other major league park. However‚ his seven-run home run left the bat at a speed of almost 100 mph. This season‚ Rizzo's career stats as the MLB home run leader are certainly impressive. Last season‚ Rizzo hit a career-high eight home runs‚ including five in the final three games. Rizzo credited his improved swing with making use of his legs and easing his swing. His career-best OPS+ is 181 this season. With eight home runs‚ Rizzo has 18 RBIs. After a walk-year in 2018‚ Rizzo signed a one-year‚ $16 million contract with the New York Yankees. The Yankees now sit a half-game back in the AL East‚ and the Orioles are 5.5 games behind. The first time he played in the big leagues‚ Rizzo was drafted as the sixth overall pick in the 2007 MLB draft. He was headed to Florida Atlantic University when he was drafted‚ but signed with the Red Sox anyway‚ and earned a $325‚000 signing bonus. While he was a minor leaguer‚ Rizzo played for the Greenville Drive‚ Salem Red Sox‚ and Portland Sea Dogs before being named a major league player.

His three-homer game against the Orioles

In his latest game against Baltimore‚ Anthony Rizzo exploded for three home runs‚ including a 346-foot solo shot to center field. The Yankees beat the Orioles 12-8‚ with Rizzo's three-homer performance marking his first three-homer game. His three homers are tied for the most in MLB. Rizzo's slugging performance against the Orioles is impressive in and of itself‚ but the fact that he hit three home runs against the Orioles is particularly impressive given the team's power outage in 2022. Rizzo's hot start looks impressive even if it's a one-hit wonder. The Yankees were in the mood to celebrate a historic night and the Bronx Bombers didn't disappoint. Anthony Rizzo had a three-homer game against the Orioles‚ making him the MLB home run leader with eight. His two home runs against the Orioles were both hit off reliever Brian Baker and Alexander Wells. The Orioles closed to within two in the seventh inning‚ but the Yankees' top of the order went on the attack. LeMahieu led off with a single and scored on a RBI by Judge. After a two-out walk from Judge‚ Rizzo walked. Donaldson struck out to end the threat. With a bases-loaded situation‚ the Yankees sent in Gleyber Torres to extend his hitting streak to five games.

His Gold Glove Award

A left-handed hitter‚ Anthony Rizzo‚ has signed a two-year‚ $32 million contract with the New York Yankees. Rizzo was acquired from the Chicago Cubs on July 29. In addition to adding a left-handed bat to the heavily right-handed Yankees lineup‚ Rizzo has excelled in the field‚ earning two Gold Glove Awards at first base. As a rookie‚ Rizzo led the MLB in home runs‚ with a.425 average. The Cubs traded him to the Yankees at the trade deadline last year‚ and Rizzo was quickly given the role of de facto team leader. During the 2013 season‚ Rizzo earned finalist honors for the national Heart and Hustle Award and the Roberto Clemente Award. His trade to the Yankees came on the eve of the trade deadline‚ and the Yankees rallied to make the postseason‚ where he eventually lost to the Boston Red Sox. After reaching the top of the home run charts on Monday night‚ Rizzo hit his first three-home run of the season. His three-run homer traveled 346 feet and would not have been considered a home run in any other major-league park. It left the bat at almost 100 mph. The Yankees won their sixth game in seven with the victory. Rizzo is now tied with Joey Gallo and Aaron Judge as the team's home run leader.

His xBA of just.010

After hitting three home runs in Yankee Stadium‚ Anthony Rizzo became the MLB home run leader with his eighth and ninth home runs. His first homer was a classic Yankee Stadium home run. His final two home runs were fly outs to right field. However‚ despite his lackluster batting average‚ Rizzo's xBA of just.010 is better than the league average. It was the third consecutive day that the Yankees had to contend with a left-handed pitcher‚ and this was Rizzo's chance to prove his mettle. The xBA of Rizzo was just.010‚ which was a bit high for Rizzo‚ but he did manage to hit a home run over the foul pole in right field. Rizzo was not impressed‚ as he later remarked that he would like to have the HR lead all to himself. In addition to the xBA‚ Rizzo also received three awards from the Cubs organization‚ including the MVP. Rizzo's first two awards came after the All-Star break‚ and Rizzo's third was given the next day. As for his future‚ Rizzo is on pace to have a banner season. The Cubs have one of the best rotations in the league‚ and he should continue to rise.

His fielding excellence

It's hardly surprising that Rizzo has become the MLB home run leader‚ given his stellar fielding skills. In four consecutive seasons‚ he has clogged the plate and produced at least 90 runs. He also has surpassed 100 RBI three times in his career. But what really makes Rizzo so special? He has a great mind‚ soft hands‚ and the confidence to make dangerous plays. As a first baseman‚ Rizzo has won a Gold Glove‚ and his fielding excellence has made him the league's best player. His defensive excellence has saved his team 61 runs. Fielding excellence is one of the many reasons why Rizzo is so successful. Despite his mediocre power‚ his wRC+ (while not perfect) checks in nine percentage points above the average hitter's. That's not very good for a first baseman‚ but it certainly helps his case when it comes to home runs. Rizzo has the highest rate of flyballs in the league‚ which helps him avoid double plays. Another factor that separates Rizzo from Freeman is his fielding excellence. According to Baseball-Reference's version of WAR‚ Rizzo had more good defensive plays than Freeman did in 2014. However‚ if we only look at the number of home runs‚ Rizzo is the clear winner. His defensive skills are superior to Freeman's‚ but he has also played better.

His adjustment without a hitting instructor

With the Cubs' recent success‚ the question of whether or not Anthony Rizzo will be able to maintain that pace without the assistance of a hitting instructor is a good one. The switch-hitter isn't dominating the game‚ but he has increased his OPS plus and is a better hitter against left-handed pitchers than he was a year ago. The Yankees could also use Rizzo's help against left-handed pitching in the coming years‚ as he has hit better against the latter in his career and this year's season. One of the most important factors in the home run record of Rizzo is his contact rate. He had a 81.5% contact rate and a 14.1% strikeout rate last season‚ which was better than the league average. Rizzo also has an impressive bat-to-ball ability‚ with a 41.1% hard contact rate and an average exit velocity of 90.1 mph. The New York Yankees increased security at games last weekend‚ because fans threw trash at the outfielders. The Marlins meanwhile‚ whose bench coach and hitting instructor is James Rowson‚ announced that he will be the team's interim manager for Sunday's game. Rizzo had a booming game on Friday with his fourth home run‚ while Joey Gallo hit his first home run of the season in the seventh. His batting average is now at a career high with an 8.7 K/BB ratio.