You can see a bald eagle trying to fly with his pet yorkie

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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How to Spot a Bald Eagle With a Doorbell Camera

If you are wondering how to spot a bald eagle‚ you may want to consider installing a doorbell camera in your home. The camera allows you to watch a bald eagle's movements in real time. One bald eagle in northwestern British Columbia managed to snatch a puppy named Coco. Fortunately‚ the camera captured the eagle's attack and Coco ran for the owner's house.

The terrifying incident that saw a balding eagle trying to eat a Yorkshire Terrier was a nightmare for the dog. The accompanying. Footage the scene was captured in Prince Rupert by a doorbell camera. It shows Coco crying as an eagle appears to hover overhead‚ and then flies down to grab Coco from a porch.

Justin Dudoward was the dog's owner and he told FTW Outdoors that he didn't witness the predation incident‚ which took place last Thursday. He said that he heard Coco's cries. ALSO: Yellowstone bison rests its head on a public boardwalk. It's quite a scene. As it tries to fly‚ the eagle bangs against a box as Coco screams. The large raptor‚ however‚ would not leave empty-handed.

bald eagle doorbell camera yorkshire terrier prince rupert british columbia justin dudoward you can see a trying to fly with his pet yorkie

Coco appears in front of the camera after 12 seconds and runs towards the house. Dudoward claimed that she wasn't hurt. This footage may serve to remind small dogs that mountain lions and coyotes aren't the only dangers they face. Bald eagles are primarily fish-eaters‚ but they will also attack reptiles and amphibians as well as birds‚ small mammals‚ such as rabbits‚ muskrats and even some species of reptiles.